10 Challenges Faced by Parents In The Modern Age

As the years are passing, the challenges faced by parents are only getting bigger. Everything is evolving, including the environment we live in, our preferences, concerns, and lifestyle.

In fact, a lot of parents are still not as advanced with technology as their Gen-Z teens. Apart from it, parenting has also become difficult in terms of finances, societal norms, and the parent-child relationship.

So, we will discuss the same challenges in this article with a few suggestions on how you can overcome these as a parent.

1. Safety in Digital Era

Children stay glued to their smartphones in today’s era as if their whole life stays there. But we must note, the internet is filled with appropriate and inappropriate things.

For instance, a survey shows that 90% of teens (aged 13-17) have used social media at least once. Meanwhile, 75% of these own an active social media account. 

Stats are enough to state what these teens may be getting influenced by. So, the question comes how parents can keep their children safe in this digital era?

Well, a lot of smartphones and devices nowadays come with the ‘parental controls’ feature. This feature allows parents to see through and control their child’s online activity. You can also limit their screen time.

2. Aggressive Children

Nowadays, kids are too stubborn to listen to anyone, even their parents! If they want something, you’d see them crying or shouting to show their anger. Growing up, they end up becoming more aggressive. 

And thus, it becomes one of the challenges faced by parents!

But why is it so? The answer is clear – kids learn what they see at home, in movies, or outside. At home, they might learn from common household fights and arguments. Movies are filled with violence and aggression too.

Seeing all the negativity, it’s common for teens to become aggressive these days. So, start with adding positivity to your routine and theirs as well. 

3. Tracking Finances

The inflation and prices are skyrocketing as years are passing by. No wonder, a lot of parents spend most of their time at work which results in less time with the kids. 

It’s even stressful for single parents who are the only earning person in the family. Maintaining a budget while keeping up with your child’s wishes is surely a challenging task.

4. Lack of Bonding

As parents stay at work, or moms spend their day maintaining the household, teens end up spending their time either on screens or with friends. However, this often creates a lack of emotional bonding between the parent and the child. 

Consequently, children start to become distant and hesitant to share anything with their parents. They start to share things with their friends instead. Additionally, kids start to feel lonely.

5. Time With Kids

As I discussed above already, a lot of parents stay at work and less at home with their children. So, the time spent in talking to the kids, teaching them new things, and playing with them falls very low. 

Consequently, children become distant from their parents thinking, ‘my parents don’t understand me.’ In fact, they start feeling lonely after a point.

Although nothing much can be done in this case, you should meet your kids with wide arms and a bright smile when free at home. Ask them about their day. In short, build the foundation of a healthy relationship.

6. Failure to Teach Moral Values

While parents give their best to raise their kids as a moral person, smartphones aren’t doing enough justice to their efforts. As per Global Web Index, 98% of smartphone users are aged between 16-20 years.

The internet is filled with good and bad things. When parents fail to give enough time sometimes, teens often get emotionally detached from their parents. Lastly, it leads to nothing but the failure of growing up morally.

7. ‘Perfect Parenting’ Thinking

Society has made a lot of ‘rules’ around what perfect parenting looks like. While parents give their best in raising their child, they often feel it’s just not enough.

The ‘perfect parenting’ thinking is a myth. Parents need to realize this and focus on building a healthy, emotional relationship with their child. Perfect parenting shouldn’t be a challenge faced by parents.

At the same time, have some self-care time as well so that you don’t get trapped in the perfect parenting thinking.

8. Mom Guilt

Mom guilt, as it suggests, is a feeling of guilt that mothers often feel when they fail at meeting the ‘perfect parenting’ mark. What’s surprising is that it’s more common and challenging for parents than we think. 

Mothers want the best for their child, so when the expectations aren’t met, the guilt feeds on their confidence. However, this ‘Mom guilt’ is not limited to only mothers. Any parent or caretaker can feel this way. So, what should you do as a parent?

Instead of losing confidence in your parenting, give yourself time and have patience. Don’t try to be the perfect parent. Instead, naturally become who you are.

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9. The ‘Studious Kid’ Competition

Everybody wants a studious and ranker kid when the competition is so high. Kids are sent to extra classes post-school to learn better. This puts a lot of pressure on the parents too about the finances, and their child’s routine.

For instance, single moms have to not only earn, manage the household, but keep up with their child’s school routine. The same goes for single fathers who are mostly at work. 

So, instead of trying to make it to the highest mark, give your best. Try to help and motivate your child without adding any pressure on them.

10. Raising Strong Children

Girls, especially, need to be raised to become strong when the crime rates are only increasing. Parents must teach their girls about good and bad touches.

It’s more important than ever because girls often hide such happenings from their parents in the fear of ‘what if’. So, parents also need to make the girls aware that they’re safe to share things with.

A similar line goes for school kids as well who get bullied by other children or even teachers sometimes. If they stay hesitant with their parents, how will the parents ever know? 

To ensure that it doesn’t happen, be your child’s best friend. Make them feel comfortable enough to share everything with you without a sense of fear.


Becoming a parent is tough and that’s why, couples nowadays plan to have a child only after becoming financially independent to save themselves from these modern challenges faced by parents. It wouldn’t only save them from the hassle but also, give their child the care they need. 

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